Nneka Osueke

Artist. Adventurer. Writer. Wild Thing.

A Nigerian, believer in God, a lover of Fleetwood Mac, and a constant wanderluster with my fist held high in the air, coming in at five feet, four inches, and three-quarters. I’m still not too old to chase the ice cream truck or watch cartoons. A good UFC fight always does me right and painting keeps me sane. I will always believe in the power of cranberry red lipstick, and splurging, to me, means spending $35 in the nearest thrift store. I could probably live off of seaweed and vegetable chips, acai bowls, and my mother’s jellof rice. I wish Janelle Monae was my real big sister, and I’m obsessed with hummingbirds. They’re my spirit animal. Weird to some. Interesting to many. Pretty dope to a few. In an ocean full of kale-eaters and organic heads, here I am; a fervent, Texan lady with all my southern fried ambition to experience the world and inspire.