Nneka Osueke

Artist. Adventurer. Writer. Wild Thing.

A Nigerian, believer in God, a lover of Fleetwood Mac, and a constant wanderluster with my fist held high in the air, coming in at five feet, four inches. I’ll never be too old to chase the ice cream truck or watch cartoons. A good UFC fight always does me right and painting keeps me sane. I believe in the power of cranberry red lipstick, and splurging, to me, means spending $35 in the nearest thrift store. I could probably live off of seaweed and vegetable chips, acai bowls, and my mother’s jellof rice. I wish Janelle Monae was my real big sister, and I’m obsessed with hummingbirds. They’re my spirit animal. Weird to some. Interesting to many. Pretty dope to a few. In an ocean full of kale-eaters and organic heads, here I am; a fervent, Texan lady with all my southern fried ambition to experience the world and inspire.