July 16, 2051: A Short Story

I looked past the roses and sunflowers bursting out of an enormous black and white striped, geometrically-shaped vase set in the center of my dining room table. It’s an odd combination for a bouquet, but I’ve always liked “odd”, even given

The Art of Owning & Protecting the “I AM”

You ever have one of those moments when something happens that makes you feel mad or sad and you find yourself thinking of other things in life that made you feel that same way? It’s almost as if all the old stuff that was swept under the rug

An Honest, Open Letter During A Hard Time

When I was home in Dallas this past March, all my mother did was watch the news. “I just don’t see how people can sit there all day and watch this mess. It’s so depressing! All they do is cycle the same 5 sad stories every hour,” I said