Many believe in fasting to elevate mind-body consciousness and closeness to God. It aids in breaking emotional stagnation and bad habits, fostering new mental patterns, promoting mental clarity, and expediting detoxification. I took my inspiration from Zaza Ali after I watching a video about her experience with a 3-Day Water Fast, during which she consumed nothing but spring water, chlorophyll, and tea. I decided to try this out for myself, and since I was already on a juice cleanse at that time,  three days with no food didn’t seem like much of a stretch. Of course, I journaled my experiences along the way.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Day 1

First day of the cleanse, and I must say, I’m feeling a mixture of emotions. In my mind there’s a “you can do this, Olivia,” but every time I pass by the sweet smell of food or a restaurant, I get a little bit nervous. Three days doesn’t seem like that long, until I smell those burritos cooking from a nearby taco truck. Three days doesn’t seem that long until I pass by Simply Wholesome and think about their smoothies, grilled salmon, or tofu enchiladas. Man, I could really tear up a veggie burger and a salad with a Boyz- n-Berry smoothie, right now. Ahh, it’s taunting me! I can say, it’s a bit easier to just go for the gold since I’ve already been practicing with my juice fast. For two days, I did nothing but juice: kale, two carrots, 1 apple, 1 kiwi, and I added in Apple cider vinegar for a little punch. I did pretty well with that. On the second day of that, I took in about 6 oz of coconut oil (I’ll never do that again) and I was sick the WHOLE day. According to my research, coconut oil helps kill candida cells, of which I have (had) an overgrowth. After drinking all that coconut oil (it smells nice, but I can’t same the same for the taste) I had the symptoms of a classic Herxheimer reaction, or in more layman’s terms, a Candida Die-off. The lauric acid and caprylic acid (two yeast-fighting fatty acids) found in coconut oil attack the cell wall of Candida. When the Candida cells are killed too quickly, the cell wall breaks down, releasing about 79 different toxins into the body. The symptoms of candida die-off are much like the typical detox symptoms: brain fog, fever, bloating, headache, and nausea, just to name a few. So I guess I was killing my candida off too quickly. Whoops. As soon as I had a bowel movement, those things just slid right on out. Felt about 7 pounds lighter, too! It took about 3 of these for me to somewhat better. Thankfully, my doctor put me on a number of herbs and I’ve been taking Burdock Root, which helps purify the blood. But I could go on, enough about that…

Like I was saying, Day 1 is alright so far, I guess. I woke up at 6:30am this morning to do a light run which turned into a brisk walk. I realized that I had to conserve all of my energy for the next three days. So I guess that means no Runyon Canyon morning workout tomorrow. =(. But anyway, I noticed something extremely interesting during my run/walk. As I walked down different streets and looked at the dirt stains on the concrete, I could immediately see some form of artwork in each of the splatters. It’s like those cliche’ therapy pictures with the ink splatters when they ask, “Tell me what you see in this?” On any given day, the random blobs would probably just look like an old throw-up stain from someone who had a little too much in the Korean pub. But for some reason, I saw them so differently. I saw one that looked like a genie bottle, and another that looked like the sitting woman on the cover of the Low End Theory album. And then another that looked like a pregnant woman, and another that looked like a huge Bearkat claw. (Eat ‘em up!)  And I was naming what I saw as soon as I saw it; my mind was making connections super fast. Hmm. In Day 1 of the fast, I’m already connecting to a raw, intensely creative version of myself. Or maybe my mind is finally getting a chance to rest and sort through all the craziness of work and school. Thank God I have the weekends off to relax and sleep. I truly, truly need it.

I’m class all day, and I can’t eat anything while I watch my classmates eating their fries and burgers they got from the cafeteria. Ay, yi, yi! I had a full gallon of water with me and two packets of my Moringa India Organic Tea. One classmate is eating a tuna sandwich two seats down from me, and I want to smack that s#%t out of her hands. Oh. My . Goodness. It smells DELIGHTFUL! Every time I look around the room and see anyone chewing or eating, that’s when it becomes difficult. I keep thinking to myself , “Well maybe I can just try this next weekend when I’m more prepared,” but I have to tell that voice to shut the hell up. Okay, one classmate has veggie chips. VEGGIE CHIPS! Olivia, you know you can tear up a bag of veggie chips! I keep fantasizing about the salty taste and the crunch. Mmmm…

Now I’m sneezing, and I don’t know where that’s coming from. Is sneezing a part of detox symptoms, too? (proceeds to Google the answer)

I’m here at my cousin’s place, and I am extremely weak! Here come those stupid detox symptoms. I feel like I have no control or strength in my limbs and and every time I stand up, I think I might just topple over. It feels as if I am going to pass out at any moment. But I have all these snacks around me. Eeek! My cousins just came back from throwing their son’s 1st birthday party, so they have all this left over food and candy sitting around. I have to keep reminding myself of why I decided to do this. Monday isn’t that far away, is it?

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September 10, 2016

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