by Neith Knight, Houston, TX

On Wednesday morning I received a phone call. During this exchange, the death of a 37 yr old Black man was brought up.
‘Aye, did you see the deal with the brother who was shot 6 times?’

Me: ‘No I haven’t, I’m detoxing social media until I put out my next video and I don’t have tv… What happened?’

I am then taken back to a place many of us know all too well; the place of powerlessness, the hard-to-swallow bitter truth of meaning nothing to america. I sat and pondered, what will our response be? The infamous ‘Pray about/for …’, ‘protest planning’, ‘boycott this’ came to mind and soon all of these were things I would see. However, what has plagued my mind since last week is, “Why can’t we understand the game?”

Dr. Francess Cress Welsing would alway say, “See we as Black people are playing checkers, when racism white supremacy is a game of chess.” The simplicity in which she sums up our entire issue in one sentence is exceptional. What Dr. Welsing meant is racism is calculated and precise, being like the game of chess. Although the same board as checkers, chess has 6 pieces rather than 1, each of which has its own role. The system of white supremacy is chess, having different pieces like law enforcement, education, television/media etc. All of its moves are made with the thought of three steps ahead, like chess. Black people unfortunately not only are losing, but don’t even recognize we’re playing the wrong game.

Questions of how such a ‘corrupt system’ still stands has to become dialogue. Questions about why this is not the first white man who has murdered us and not been properly reprimanded. Accepting the reality that racism does indeed exist and is passed down inter-generationally to the next group of white children is vital. See, in this game of checkers we’re playing, we believe we can coerce, love, religion, pray and school our way into their acceptance. On our board we play, there’s only one main responsibility: place your needs into the hands of another to fulfill it. Whether that be in the hands of a president, government, God or judicial system, the accountability is handed off and in faith is expected to come back accomplished.

However, in the game of chess (racism white supremacy) which mostly all white people consciously or subconsciously are engaged in, moving as a team and being ‘invisible’ is how they continue to win. The chess game that is being played upon Black people now is partially the rapid killing of Black men by pigs, but more specifically the everyday illusion that is created of how it doesn’t exist. How it’s all isolated! The everyday chess that is played upon Black people is, ‘Just put out a counter story of a trained BLM sniper that killed 5 officers’ and that’ll have each proud Black who sports their native garb of dashikis and black fist as a threat/target.

Black men will continue to be killed by the police because that IS the job of law officials, IF you know the history of the country. Essentially, america is not even slightly interested in the betterment of Black and African people and is a country that supports red, white and blue; white skin, red veins and blue arteries, in other words white people. It is made to work off the brutality, marginalization and constant terrorizing of Black people. Nothing has changed since our arrival to the land, and until we learn the rules and get it the game, there will thousands of other black men and women who lose their life.

Wake Up…. Set The Day.


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July 15, 2016

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