I’m no big philosopher on life. I haven’t circled around the block, so I can’t tell you all there is to know about relationships, marriage, or everything in between. I’m not the best at advising others on what career path to take, but I do know this much from observation and experience.

I think, for fear of seeming naive or incompetent, the thing people are afraid to do is admit that when it comes to certain things, they don’t know what they want or what to do.

In my heart, I believe that no one has it all together. No matter how wise, talented, pretty, handsome, smart, popular, or confident you think a person is, everybody is struggling with, confused about, or unknowing of something. No one has all the answers, and even so, what may have worked for one person may not work for another.

Emotions cloud our judgement sometimes, situations have us  lost in translation, and life throws curve-balls, but it’s okay. It’s just doing its job.

So, no; I can’t tell you what to do with your career. I may not be the best person to come to for relationship advice, nor can I give you a wise account of the ways of the Universe, but I can say this:

Pray, meditate, call on the ancestors–whatever your method is for finding centeredness, do it. A lot.

Explore places you’ve never been before.

At some point in your life, travel alone.

Take chances.

Trust your gut.

Ask for help.

Laugh out loud if you want.

Cry when you have to, even if you don’t know the reason.

Smile at strangers because chances are they’re going through something, too.

Follow your heart, but take your head with you.

And don’t try so hard to figure out why things happen the way they do.

God will reveal bits and pieces to you when the time is right. Try not to analyze the past or anticipate the future, too much. When you are confused about something it’s perfectly fine to admit that. You’re trying to find your way like the rest of us…

Tearfully typed with love,


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May 23, 2013

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February 8, 2016

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