With the holidays right around the corner, I’m sure we’re all anticipating flexing our gift giving skills on, the infamous, Black Friday, riiight? (sarcasm)

I never been big on Black Friday shopping. The crowded stores and rowdy customers overstimulate me– makes me want to slap somebody just thinking about it. But (holds one finger up), I decided since I am in a gift-giving spirit these days, if I do participate in the money-burning seance that is Black Friday, I’m making it rain on Black-owned businesses only. Black-owned restaurants, Black-owned clothing lines, Black-owned jewelers, Black-owned skin care brands, YOU NAAAME IT!

I always hear my peers asking, “What can I do to help the Black community?” Well, you can start by supporting your own next Friday. You see, when we continue to pour our money into white supremacist, corporate businesses, we perpetuate our systematic oppression. Therefore, I try my best to invest in a BOB when I can, because it feels good to know I’m putting money into the hands of the man or woman who looks like me and has similar struggles to my own. And plus, they’re trying to achieve financial freedom and create a better future for the generations to come just like me, too. The least I can do is support them in their endeavors! Here are a few online BOB’s I have worked with, know, found, or shopped at personally that are great for holiday shopping.

By Ms James



I absolutely love Tara and what she represents. Earlier this year she launched her amazingly witty Black greeting card line, By Ms James. The quirky illustrations mirror the spirit of the artist, who by the way, hand-drew all original illustrations with pencil and paper before mass producing them. She has a Solange “Don’t let anybody steal your magic” card! And we all collectively say, “Yaaaaaasss!” Since the launch, her line was picked up by the brick and motor store, Lula Mae in Pasadena, CA! You go, girl!

Unique and Natural




I first bought these products at the Leimert Park Art Walk in Los Angeles (another great place to invest in BOB’s), and the very moment I sprayed their Grapefruit, Coconut, and Lime Botanical Body Mist, I fell in love. I also bought the Honey Cinnamon Loofah Scrub which works great for my eczema, some bath bombs for a nice soak in the tub, and the Cigar Bar Soap, which smells exactly like my future husband (looks off into space and daydreams). Anyway, their products are all natural, taking pride in the fact that, “if the Earth naturally creates it, we want to be in harmony with it.” Whoop!

Don’t Sleep Interiors



I spy with my little eye two, black-and-white Assata Shakur and Angela Davis pillows that would look perfect against the walls of my black-and-white-striped studio apartment. Black-owned interior shops, too? You gotta love it!

Brooklyn Circus



(In my DJ voice) And here’s a lil’ sum’n for the felllllllaaaaaaasss! The varsity jackets, man! I’m a sucker for a guy in a nice jacket, and these are perfect for the artistic men in your life.

Allen and Fifth



The Unitee Sweats is my favorite!! And Bougie African tees? Come on now, we all know one or two.

Armando Cabral



“Rooted in craftsmanship, inspired by modernity.” Created by Guinean-born fashion model, Armando Cabral, these impeccably designed shoes are perfect for your classic, clean-cut, 3-piece-suit gentlemen who loves the crisp, tailored look. I see my brother, Arthur, all over this line. (checks off “Arthur” on the gift list).

Chid’s Hot Spot


You want to support local, small businesses? My former hairstylist, and good, good friend Chidimma Ottih of Dallas, TX sells chic ankara gear, straight from, 100% tailored in Nigeria. If the hands of the Motherland made it, how can you go wrong?

These are only a FEW options for buying Black next week and anytime of the year, for that matter! Check out the Super Selected link below to find many more BOB’s to invest in for Black-Owned Friday. 


Happy shopping!



November 17, 2016

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